The Top Three Marketing Tools Essential For Successful Contractors.

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

Let’s cut straight to it. The top three marketing tools that are essential for successful contractors are digital marketing, lead generation, and offering financing options.

Of course, it’s no big news that the advertising and marketing worlds have dramatically changed in the last 100 years. Marketing now is almost synonymous with digital marketing, with non-digital marketing beginning to look like a branched-off service.

Gone are the days when home improvements companies could rely on a catchy jingle, or a shout out in a local newspaper, to get them the new clients they hoping for. And gone too are the days when consumers would willing pay up front for the services they’re buying when payment-plans have become the more simple and affordable option of the two.

Homeowners now-a-days search online for their home renovation inspiration; they follow Pinterest leads to home renovation service providers; and they simultaneously do this while trying to work out how much a monthly payment plan for their desired project might cost them.

Why? Because we now live in a generation where everything is paid off gradually, and where the most popular meeting spot between consumers and providers is online.

So why avoid it, when you can embrace it?

Check out our info-graphic below on why digital marketing, lead generation, and financing options are essential for today’s home improvement professional.

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- Posted May 28, 2018 by Alicia King