Make Your Business Successful

Being a contractor isn’t easy work. You have to find customers, complete their work in a certain amount of time, and adjust to whatever it takes to keep your customer happy. On top of that, to remain successful, you need to make sure that your company has everything it needs to keep growing. These things can seem stressful as they pile up, but we’re here to help you out with a few tips to keep you growing at a steady rate.

Time Required

Each person you employ needs to be an expert in the time required to complete any project you offer. Contractors that give accurate, realistic timelines are more likely to keep their current customers and be referred to other ones than contractors who give unrealistic timelines that they don’t meet. Customer satisfaction is key.

How to Up-Sell

Each and every one of the members of your sales team should be able to convince customers to invest a little more in bigger and better projects. If the customer wants a project done, your employee should suggest the next logical step up in order to help you sell a little bit more. The client asks for a new roof, suggest redoing the gutters too. They ask for new paneling, suggest redoing the shutters as well. Making small suggestions that are logical to what the client wants, but are also additional upgrades is crucial for making sure that your business keeps growing.

How to figure out Payments

You, and anyone that is involved in your selling process, need to be an expert on calculating customer payments. Cost is the number one determining factor for clients. If you tell the customer how much their payments will be for a financed project, you need to be accurate. Giving a quote that sounds good but turns out to be completely incorrect will lose you clients, potential referrals, and could cause legal problems in the future. And finally, you and your team must know…

How to Finance

Every contractor is limited by how much a customer can afford to buy. Customers do not buy what they can’t pay for, and that in turn takes business away from you. To help customers buy more, you must be an expert in financing. Low interest financing can help the customer get the upgrades they want, and the contractor to get the money that they need. At Smart Home PRO, a team works with contractors to provide their clients with affordable financing. Assisting your customer and telling them up front that you’re partnered with a company to help them finance their project can be the difference between getting a job and not getting one. On top of that, Smart Home PRO requires no upfront fees from their contractors and the contractor get paid by Smart Home PRO as soon as the project is completed. Sign up today to offer your clients one more avenue to their perfect home!

If you can follow these tips, your business will continue to grow. Remember, a business is only as strong as its customers are happy.

- Posted June 4, 2018 by Charles Silberman