How Financing Can Assist Home Contractors With Winning Larger Jobs With Clients.

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As a home contractor, you want nothing more than to be able to share your

top-of-the-line products with every client that comes through your door. But it’s likely that you have found yourself in situations where the optional upgrades and larger projects that you and your company are passionate about are unable to be enjoyed by your clients because of their financial limitations or even just the plain old financial anxiety that we all feel when making large purchases.

It’s inevitable. But it’s restrictive, right? So how do you create a freeing and exciting experience for your clients in which they can fully explore your range of services in all its glory without worrying about their financials? The simple answer is that you can offer the financing yourself. This many not have been something you’ve considered before, but let me explain…

Giving clients the assurance that their home renovation dreams and finances will all be taken care of under the same roof brings about endless possibilities. By reducing financial stress on clients they become freed up to explore optional extras and they become interested in choosing higher quality materials. They want all the trimmings, they know they can afford it, and possibly they will want to move forward with other projects that would otherwise have been put off for a later day. In fact, offering financing to clients was recently reported by a major home improvement company to have increased their sales by over 25%.

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There is certainly a need for financing already. You probably know that 50% of your clients are going to apply for financing to pay for your work. And while they do that, you will be passing time while your sales desk goes quiet and the chairs opposite you go cold because here comes the long, and sometimes painful, wait for their finances to be approved. The best case scenario is that this wait is un-characteristically fast. The worst case scenario is that the financing is denied and your clients walk.

If you offer it yourself, all of this could be avoided. It was recently reported that 50-60% of all clients that you offer financing to will take it. And, as stated above, you could see a more than 25% increase in sales for these clients. What’s more is that offering financing gives you a competitive edge, makes you more valuable to your customers, and gives you a guaranteed payment for your work. To top it off, you are also likely to experience higher customer satisfaction rates.

There’s no greater way to spark change and generate higher sales for yourself, than to contact Smart Home Pro who are leaders in the home contractor financing industry. You can start your application here, or if you know another business that would benefit from this, then why not refer them and earn yourself some money?


- Posted May 1, 2018 by Alicia King