About Us:

In order to complete home improvement projects, people need money. And, when people need money they need financing. At Smart Home PRO we help contractors build their business by providing a platform that indirectly offers consumers with low interest financing at zero upfront cost to the contractor! That’s right, no membership or advertisement fees! When you work with us you only pay for the results you see and that means that we are driven to give you results! We are available Nationwide.

Smart Home PRO is powered by American Smart Home.

We Provide You The Platform to Offer Customer Financing

We help you increase the number of projects and improve your conversion when you join our PRO Network. Smart Home PRO's platform is easy to use and available on various mobile devices.

We Help You Advertise

Once you join the Smart Home PRO network*, you’ll want to advertise to your clients that your company now offers financing options on your products and/or services. Our Regional Account Managers will work with you on making that happen at no additional cost.


Getting Started Today!

​Fill out our easy application form to get started on your way to a better business with Smart Home PRO. We'll review your business details and you will be added to our Smart Home PRO Network.  Have a question? Email us. We love to hear how we can help you!